…getting started

concept development | visual identity | LOGO DESIGN | financial feasibility | MENU DEVELOPMENT

At Diamond Panther Studio we have created a method of developing and presenting your concept and financials in a streamlined and graphically intriguing format. Text heavy documents use a lot of words but often don’t say much. We will create you a document – a Concept Roadmap – that clearly outlines your concept, your project, your ideas, your vision, and your path towards financial success.

We work with early-stage operators everyday. We understand your budget and whether you have the capital, developing a restaurant can be a big investment. We are going to send you away with more than just a “business plan”… we will provide you with everything you need to launch your project.

The Concept Roadmap is not just for first-timers, it is applicable to large scale projects such as hotels, food halls, or mixed-use developments that have multiple concepts living under the same roof that need to interact seamlessly with one another to create a cohesive service experience. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, starting with a concrete plan is a major factor in getting you open on time and within your budget.


…finding the perfect fit

project management | vendor analysis | profit enhancement | GENERAL ADVISORY

Our experience in the industry has led to the development of relationships with hundreds of industry experts. Whether you are looking for the right architect, contractor, and interior designer - or searching for the perfect apron designer, the PR firm that will get your business on the map or need something specific like a customized coffee cup - the Diamond Panther Studio network has the resource you are looking for.

When building a business, you will need to hire dozens of project partners. We can manage the process and coordinate all the members of your team. Whether you are a new business, or an existing business looking to enhance your profits through financial analysis, at Diamond Panther Studio we know the right person for the job.

Liquor Licensing | WIne & Beer | Full Liquor | Business Law | Community Board Support

At Diamond Panther Studio we specialize in assisting restaurants, bars, hotels, night clubs, delis, and liquor stores, navigate through the liquor license application process. Our experienced attorney has processed over 150 applications under the NYSLA attorney certification program and has the expertise to ensure you get the representation you deserve.

Our services will also get you ready for the community board, creating presentations that highlight your business and showcase your concept. From servicing all your liquor licensing needs to consulting on a range of transactions such as shareholder and asset purchase agreements, we have you covered every step of the way.


…securing your operation


…enhancing profitability


For existing businesses, we can perform an audit of your operation to identify areas for targeted cost saving measures. Through careful analysis of your sales, expenses, profit and loss statements and an observation of your business, we will develop creative solutions to increase your bottom line.

Discovering and then addressing issues such as spending too much on disposables or improperly managing inventory can save you thousands. In the current restaurant landscape every dollar counts and at Diamond Panther Studio, we will make sure that we optimize your business for maximum profit potential.


…creating solutions

Solution generation | back office assistance | help & assistancE | CLIENT ADVOCACY

Diamond Panther Studio has the expertise to assist you with any of your hospitality inquiries. Whether you need advice on budgetary allocations, spatial programming, or when to hire on a project partner, we have you covered. We can accompany you to meetings with vendors, analyze quotes, or help you figure out the terms within an RFP. We will come on your site visits, work with your broker, and help you determine if a space is right for your concept. We can assist you in market analysis and competitive strategies and figure out how to capture your piece of the pie.

Our general advisory service is designed as an umbrella that covers all your needs. If you are not sure what service you fall under, give us a call or send an email - and together - we will figure out the best solution for your business.


…growing, expanding, adapting


At Diamond Panther Studio we work with a range of clients from single unit brick and mortars to multi-unit chains. We can assist in developing a plan for growth, standardizing your brand and creating a brand package that will streamline your expansion. We will advise you in the creation of a “back-office” team to centralize your operation and reduce costs as you grow. For brands looking to diversify their portfolio, we can assist you in a brand extension such as creating an adaptation of a full-service concept into a fast-casual model.

For concepts coming from other states or countries into the NYC metro area, we can assist you in adapting your concept to adhere to the local economic, social, and regulatory climate to maximize consumer spending and to facilitate a seamless transition of your brand into the market without losing your brand’s identity.


…boosting sales

pricing strategy | MENU design | menu layout | branding

The menu is one of the first touch-points that a guest will have when entering your business. It is essential that your menu reflects your brand and the experience that you are striving to create. We will perform a menu analysis to optimize it for maximized profit potential considering your sales history, food costs, and product mix.

Overly complex or unattractive menus can overwhelm a guest and start the meal off with a bad taste in their mouth. Utilizing design principles and menu psychology can take your optimized menu to the next level and enhance the overall guest experience. We eat with our eyes first and just as plating in the kitchen is important, it is essential that the “plating” of your menu aligns with your brand.


…developing a brand


Your visual identity is what draws a customer into your business. From your logo and collateral to the color of the paint on the wall and the glassware that you select - every element of the design of your space is essential to the overall experience.

At Diamond Panther Studio, we can assist you with the design of these key elements. We can design your logo, your menus, ads, marketing efforts, and assist with any of your graphic design needs. Our experience in aesthetic planning also allows us to work with your design-build team to select mediums and materials that are reflective of your project goals. We can aide in the selection of all the FF&E and assist with creative applications such as sound engineering or customized artwork. By tapping into our in-house capabilities as well as the myriad of creatives within our network, we can ensure that the design of your space comes out as you’ve envisioned it.